Unlike the big screen, books let us wonder in our own imagination, creating characters out of the words that would us for a lifetime! Jodi Picoult is one of my favourite modern day authors, and each year I manage to include one of her books to my reading list. Although I have read many of her books.. I’d like to review the latest book I read written by her, second glance, a book I don’t think I will ever forget.


Her style of writing is remarkable, even though at first it’s really difficult to get used to but by then end of the novel you keep asking for more. Also the time and effort she has indeed put into researching on the topic of her book is extensive. The technical jargon that she relates to us gives us the perspective to a new understanding. Indeed her background information has given other books based on paranormal activity and detective work a run for their money.

The main theme of the story is blood lines, genes, DNA and Eugenics, it’s the characters that bring the theme to life. What I love the most about her books are how it all seems so real and relatable. Unlike unrealistic novels about vampires and witches, which contains deeper levels of understanding.. and yet some are just cheesy (don’t get me wrong I am an ardent fan of Harry Potter), Picoult brings out reality to some extent through the aspect of Ghosts in her novel. I am indeed scared of the whole idea of Ghosts and something I found disturbing in the book was how little Lucy was haunted by Lia and Simmone at some points and it all seemed so real. Her emphasis on Eugenics and the morality behind what seems to be happening, really caught my attention. How everything has both a good and a bad side, which also differs on a persons perspective and understanding is brought out by the characters of Spencer and Meredith, both doing somewhat similar jobs in two worlds of understanding!

All of her characters contribute equally to the creation of her amazing book. However a downside or I would have prefered if Picoult had given us more insight to the character of Lily, Lia’s daughter. Moreover the emphasis they have on Meredith is not very consistent as I would have liked it to be.

However despite all of that, I still love the book! Picoult is an amazing writer and her works is astoundingly perfect. Looking forward to read more of her books


The first time I read ‘Dear John’, I despised the book and regretted even buying it. Why and how could she do such a thing  to the man who loved her was all that I could think about. It was all too miserable for me to  understand. I graded the book to be the biggest mistake Nicholas Sparks ever made. It was but accident that I stumbled across the movie and watched it only because of my on screen crush on Channing Tatum. Indeed I preferred the movie, much like another book of  his ‘Walk to remember’, but that didn’t make me like the character of Savannah anymore than I did before.

Recently out of boredom I began reading the book once again, trying to understand why she did what she did. (you can imagine how bored I was) However I didn’t understand it at all, and by the time I finished it had put me in this horrible mood so I ended watching the movie, giving myself the satisfaction of a different ending. It was only while watching the movie did I realize that what she did was actually right, and it was the so called right thing to do.

If we place ourselves in Savannah’s shoes, she seems to be the most perfect girl as John would say. However she says that she has flaws that are not seen on her outer appearance.Through my viewpoint I would say her flaw is resolving to be selfless even if her ‘selfless’ actions would eventually hurt her and someone else, in this case John.

In her shoes it was the right thing to marry Tim. Even though there seems no logic behind it, she did it because of her love to help the needy, the likes of Tim’s son. At first I thought it was stupid of her to do such a thing, but according to her moral compass, it was right. Even if it meant hurting the person she loved the most on earth. This was something I thought and thought about so that I could like the story, instead of hating it very much.

However, this is not the best work of Nicholas Sparks, but his most different.